Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oaxaca...Looking toward the future

Watkinson is no longer doing service work in Oaxaca.  Over five years, dozens of Watkinson students had the privilege of of working and living with the people of Oaxaca. By working with children in schools and foster homes, taking masterclasses with local artists and living with welcoming families in homestays, we learned more than we could ever give back. Oaxaca, thank you!

Yet, we remain deeply committed to the people of Oaxaca. If you are interested in supporting the children of Oaxaca, consider making a donation to Libros Para Pueblos.

To learn more about the kind of work we did, check out this video:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

One of Daniel's many fans

The Last Two Days...

Have been a complete blur... Ending teaching at our new adopted school in San Antonino (I included a pic of our old school in Ocotlan that has been partially demolished to repair damage from last year's earthquake we experienced). Tuesday afternoon, we visited the studio of the famed blind ceramicist, Jose Garcia and Daniel managed to keep up with him as they made mermaids until Jose somehow made the head in a few mere minutes. Yesterday afternoon was yet another trip to a famous artist studio where we met Efraim and Sylvia Fuentes- an alebrije wood carver and his wife the painter. After the demo, we were able to paint our own wood carving which really reinforced the fact that Sylvia is an incredible artist. Last night, included a trip to the Plazita Festival with carnival rides quite unlike those in the US! Today, we met up in front of the school before our return to Oaxaca City where we were again greeted by the children like we were rock stars! Autographs, gifts, even impromptu English study sessions. Next we traveled to San Bartolo the black pottery village for a demo and some shopping. Back in Oaxaca, we shopped in the market and chocolate shops before splitting up- with half the group continuing to shop while I came back with the other students to the hotel for some swimming before a last night in the Zocalo!

It has been an amazing trip filled with adventure and the understanding of what it truly means to shape the world around us. A deep connection with the children at Casa Hogar and knowing they will sleep under the stars we painted on their walls and the endless hours of fun the play equipment will provide. In San Antonino, our two schools developed a relationship that will continue next year and hopefully via the Internet and if some of their teachers can come visit us at Watkinson- lots of plans are brewing!

The new Oaxacan totem- a combination of styles

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Teaching in San Antonino

A great time teaching ended with tons of 'fan mail', poems from our students and the promise to return next year to our new favorite school in Mexico!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Las Fridas at lunch after teaching!

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